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Original website: Original price: $99 Content: Indicator: Top Bottom Finder.ex4, UserGuide: guide1.png, guide3.png, guide2.png
Original website: Content: Indicators: 100pips Momentum_1.4.ex4, 100pips Power.ex4, 100pips Trend.ex4, Timer-Best.ex4, Template: 100 PIPS NO REPAINT.tpl
Original website: Content: 4 Indicators, Template, installation guide 2 Indicators.ex4 (Unlocked) Template Document: User Manual
Original website: Original price:  $50
Why The 2 Minute Strategy App Is… Welcome to the 2 Minute Strategy APP “THE BEST CHOICE“ This app has…
Vendor: Expert: 200 Forex pips Master Piece EA.ex4 Indicator:200 Forex Pips Master piece.ex4 Document: Guide Indicator: 3 EMA-Dashboard.ex4 Template Document: Userguide  
Original website: Original Price: $37 Content: Indicators: 30_PD_Alert.ex4, 30_PD_HA.ex4, 30_PD_TradingSession.ex4, 30_PD_Trend.ex4, 30_PD_Trig.ex4, bar_close_alarm_V1.ex4, Momentum.ex4, RSI.ex4, Template: !_30_PipsDaily_v2.tpl, UserGuide: 30PD.pdf, Bonuses: Expert: Broker_Nightmare.ex4, PDF’s: TheSimpleArtOfTrading.pdf, Market SessionTimes.pdf Content: 8 indicators Template:30_PipsDaily_v2.tpl Document: UserGuide 30PD.pdf Bonuses: Expert: Broker_Nightmare.ex4, PDF’s: TheSimpleArtOfTrading.pdf, Market SessionTimes.pdf  
5 Steps Blueprint Checklist – The Key To Unlimited Profits in Forex Original website: This is a Starter package. Package…
Original website: Reviews: Original price: £499 Content: full downloadable course   With 50cal digital course you will learn how hundreds generate…